Put Your Opossum Problems in the Past

Put Your Opossum Problems in the Past

Count on us for efficient opossum removal services

Do you hear scratching noises around your house at night? Has your pet food started to disappear suddenly? You might have an opossum problem.

Opossums are nocturnal creatures that spend their evenings searching for food. They are usually docile, though they may attack when provoked. If you're worried about opossums at your home in the Riverview area, call on Brothers Environmental Services, LLC. We can search your property from opossums and remove them humanely.

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Keep opossums off your property

Want to keep your home opossum-free? Here are some ways to help prevent an opossum problem:

  • Keep your pet food inside
  • Don't leave rotten fruit or food outside
  • Remove any brush piles from your yard
Need to get rid of an opossum in the middle of the night? Don't sweat it. Brothers Environmental Services offers 24/7 pest removal services. Call 813-483-9765 us today to get rid of your pest problem.