Say Goodbye to Those Pesky Squirrels

Say Goodbye to Those Pesky Squirrels

Rely on us for efficient squirrel control service

Don't let squirrels take up residence in your attic. Turn to a dedicated pest control company to get rid of the unwanted critters hiding in your home.

Brothers Environmental Services, LLC can inspect your home carefully and lay traps to capture any pests. After we remove the squirrels, we can repair any damage they've caused. We take pride in providing top-quality pest control services at affordable rates.

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Get to the bottom of your pest problem

Not sure if you have a squirrel problem? Here are some signs that you might have squirrels hiding out in your home:

  • You've heard scurrying noises in your attic
  • You've noticed small animal droppings in your garage
  • You've noticed damage to your roofline
Find out why we're a preferred local pest control company. Contact Brothers Environmental Services today to arrange for squirrel control services.